In-Home Personal Chef

As a personal chef, Megan will cook in your home, usually on a weekly or monthly basis, and leave fully prepared food stored neatly in your refrigerator.  On average, a personal chef can save you 12-15 hours of time per week planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning the kitchen.  To get started, Megan will meet you for a consultation to discuss your preferences, tastes, and any special dietary needs or health goals you may have.  Together, you will craft a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle. Menus will be confirmed in advance, and on the scheduled cook days, Megan will shop for the freshest ingredients, arrive at your home, cook everything with love and care, store it safely, provide labels and detailed instructions for heating and serving your meals, as well as clean your kitchen until it sparkles.  

Freezer Provisions

The perfect gift for parents of new babies, new homeowners, someone coming home from the hospital, or anyone who craves convenience but is tired of all the frozen-food-aisle options.  Megan will send you (or the gift recipient) a menu of over 30 options, including more than 20 vegan and gluten-free options, from which you will choose your favorites.  These will be cooked in your home and safely stored in the freezer with detailed labels explaining what is in each dish, and how to reheat and serve it.  Every soup and stew is prepared with homemade stock or bone broth.