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Intentional cooking for lasting health.

Intentional Cooking

for Lasting Health


Happy Belly is a personal chef service based in Nashville, TN.  We specialize in:

Unique or Challenging Dietary Restrictions

Supporting Chronic Health Issues through Targeted Nutrition

Fertility, Prenatal, and Postpartum Nutritional Support

Do you struggle to find the time to cook wholesome, fresh meals for yourself or your family?  Are you living with dietary restrictions that sometimes seem impossible to follow? Are you hosting an event and tired of the lack of healthy and creative dining options available?

Look no further, because Happy Belly is here to bring you clarity, calm, and vibrant health.  As a personal chef, boutique caterer, and holistic health coach with over 5 years experience in New York City and Nashville, we are dedicated to providing our clients with only the most nourishing, fresh, and beautiful food.  

our food

We use only 100% organic, whole foods, and source local and sustainable products whenever possible.  Our recipes go beyond seasonal, and adapt to the seasons of your life. Food is powerful medicine, and time is money.  Allow us to remove the stress of planning, shopping, and cooking from your daily routine, and provide you with nourishing meals that are custom-tailored to your lifestyle.  All special diets and sensitivities are accommodated.

our Mission

Our mission is to nourish our clients with freshly-prepared, healthy meals that allow them to become their most vibrant selves.  We have seen the transformative power of food firsthand. Whether we cook you dinner every week, or see you once for an event, our goal is for each client to feel completely confident that their food needs are being met.

Megan Haley, Owner & Head Chef

Megan Haley, Owner & Head Chef


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