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Majka lactation protein powder

Majka's Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder was specifically designed by mothers, for mothers. With their brilliant team of professional nutritionists specializing in whole food and plant-based nutrition, they took the needs of nursing moms, hand-selected ingredients to provide optimal nutrition for both mother and child, and added super ingredients known to help increase milk production.

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Teamotions Teas for emotional well-being

Created as a tool to help you tend to your heart, each tea contains adaptogen herbs and other healing botanicals that restore balance, boost immunity, and increase your body’s resistance to stress and are to be used daily to cultivate a heart-centered approach to emotional health and healing.

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recore maternity and postpartum fitsplint

The FITsplint's unique design allows for the 2 straps to separate if desired to provide more belly support during motion.  The straps can both be worn down low for more back or belly support. As you crossover the 2 straps, you can gently "lift" the belly for more bladder relief. The FITsplint is fully adjustable so you can get the proper secure fit that you need.