Happy Belly is available in three packages


Classic: $100  

Two meals (serving 2) plus a snack or dessert.  Perfect for couples who eat out frequently, or like to cook themselves, but want to ease their workload during this busy time and supplement their diets with the right nutrients and superfoods for baby.  This package is also excellent just for mama, to provide her lunch and dinner throughout the week.

Premium: $185  

Four meals (serving 2) plus a snack or dessert and a healing tonic.  This is total nourishment for the week for mamas and papas who work HARD and know the value of treating their bodies (and their baby!) with the good foods they need.

specialty: Custom

Choose 4 snacks from our prenatal or postpartum menus to keep yourself armed with home-cooked goodies that are completely nutritious and will keep your health goals on track.  Click below to view our most current menus.


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