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Mindful Plates

Quickly and efficiently prepare the perfect, nourishing meal for baby with  Mindful Plates.  Each week, you'll receive an email with a specially crafted meal plan tailored to your exact moment in pregnancy.  Emails include simple recipes, printable grocery lists, and cooking tips, all customized to provide the exact nutrients that you and baby need that week.  You'll also receive bonus recipes for inspired snacks and desserts.   All our recipes are tested by busy working mamas, so no matter your experience in the kitchen, we believe you can prepare nourishing meals for yourself and your loved ones!

    How It Works

    Subscriptions are sold in 4-week packages and start at $39 per package.  On Sunday morning, you will receive an email package corresponding to your week in pregnancy.  (So, if you would be 20 weeks on a Tuesday, you will receive the Week 20 email on the Sunday morning before that Tuesday.)  Each package contains 14 recipes (3 dinners per week plus 2 bonus recipes), a grocery list, and a meal plan to help you maximize your efficiency in the kitchen.  Many of the recipes share ingredients, so that you can prep once and eat all week!  Each recipe features ingredients that are perfectly tailored to your week in pregnancy, providing the special nutrients that you and baby need as you both grow.





    Mindful Plates recipes are...

    Real Foods Only - Free of Refined Sugar - Low in Gluten, Dairy, and Sodium

    High in Calcium, Folate, Iron, and DHA - Efficient, Fast, and Easy to Follow - Tested by Busy Moms

    Customized to YOUR Pregnancy!